Mobile Computers

MC40 - The New Face of Retail Mobility.  Today's demanding and technology-savvy customers expect great service and an exceptional shopping experience. They respond well to associates who are equipped with mobile devices. When you give your customers the new, sleek MC40 mobile computer, everything they need to serve their customers is right at their fingertips. Associates can answer customer questions, provide the information needed to make the sale and complete the purchase — all without ever leaving the customer's side.

Real business-class durability – Delivers the durability that Motorola Solutions is famous for — the MC40 simply works, even if employees drop it, bump it, use it in a dusty backroom or splash liquid on it.

Android fortified for the enterprise – A series of new features transform Android from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class OS.

Powerful application performance – An 800 MHz processor, 8GB Flash memory and support for 802.11a/b/g/n wireless LANs provides desktop-like speed on demanding applications.

A large 4.3 inch touch-only display – Provides the screen real-estate to support information-intensive applications, such as product comparisons.

Comprehensive and secure payment processing – The integrated magnetic stripe reader allows associates to scan a credit, gift or loyalty card. And with an encrypted head, information is never visible in the clear, helping meet PCI regulations.

Customize with your brand – Pick the color for the bezel and add your logo to promote your brand. Enables customers to instantly identify your associates and discourages device theft.


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