Barcode Printers

CT4i Series CT408/412i/424i - With a 32 bit RISC CPU, 6ips print speed, up to 600dpi resolution printing capability, high speed interfaces, including wireless connectivity, the CT4i series is a powerful performer in a compact design. The CT4i series is perfect for environments where space is a constraint. Its anti-microbial casing makes it most suitable for use in the healthcare environment where cleanliness and hygiene are factors that should not be compromised on.  The HF RFID option will help meet much-needed applications requirements for compact RFID printing solutions.

Physical Characteristics:
(W x D x H) 198 x 255 x 181 mm (7.80” x 10.05” x 7.13”)
  3.0 kg standard

Printing Specification:
CT408i: 8 dots/mm (203dpi); CT412i: 12 dots/mm (305dpi);
                   CT424i: 23.6 dots/mm (600dpi)

Max. Speed: 
CT408i: 150mm/sec (6ips); CT412: 102mm/sec (4ips);
                     CT424i: 76mm/sec (3ips)

Max. Print Width:
104 x 400 mm (4.10 x 15.76”)
Standard: RS232C + USB 2.0 or LAN + USB 2.0; Optional Plug-in Cards:  IEEE 802.11g (Inc LAN), Bluetooth IEEE1284, *RS232C + USB 2.0 model only


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