Barcode Scanner

Symbol DS3500-ER Series – a full-range scanner can handle whatever comes its way. It allows you to scan different types of bar codes across a wide range of distances — from near contact to as far as 30 feet away. Workers can also hold the trigger down to continuously scan items. It doesn’t matter how well lit an area is — this can read bar codes in darkness or in bright sunlight. Indoors and outdoors, you can drop it on concrete, cover it in dust or grease and continuously obtain the same reliable results. It has two models DS3508-ER corded and DS3578-ER cordless Bluetooth® Class II, Version 2.1 models to fit your application needs.



Environmental Temperature: -20°C to 50°C (operating), -40°C 7o 60°C (storage)

Interfaces: USB, RS-232, RS-485 (IBM 46xx Protocols), Keyboard Wedge

Decoding Capability: 1D, PDF417 (and variants)


Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions: 7.34 x 4.82 x 2.93 in

Weight without cable: 12.8 oz (136g)

PDF file

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