Access Point

AP7161 - Reliably extend your network outdoors with the rugged WiNG 5 enabled.  Based on Motorola's cutting-edge WiNG 5 WLAN platform, the AP 7161 mesh access point is optimized to provide leading capacity, performance and design for industrial and enterprise campus, video surveillance, public safety and smart grid utility deployments. The AP 7161 is specifically engineered to defend perimeters from intrusion in an outdoor setting and consistently delivers secure performance and enterprise-class wireless networking in harsh environments.

The AP 7161 is a high performance, rugged 802.11n mesh access point that features 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz radios that support 3x3 MIMO technology reaching a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps.

802.11n support with 3x3 MIMO - Delivers maximum wireless network throughput to support virtually any enterprise application, including voice and video

Capacity and performance-leading mesh deployments - Optimized within the WiNG 5 platform to provide leading capacity, performance and design — ideal for industrial and warehouse operations, public safety, municipal and operator access, smart grid applications, video surveillance, extended hotspots for public access, enterprise, education, and healthcare campus facilities.

Motorola MeshPatrol perimeter intrusion security - Allows enterprises to deploy the most robust wireless IPS solution while saving money due to the elimination of the cost to purchase, deploy and manage dedicated sensor hardware.

  • Provides industry standard security for clients and radio backhaul.
  • Ensures true perimeter security using either a dedicated dual-band sensor or software mode in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Concurrent, around-the-clock dual band network assurance sensing and wireless traffic, together with spectrum analysis, eliminates the need for separate devices — and duplicate costs.
  • Integrated wireless IPS sensor option enables configuration of one radio for 24x7 rogue detection and termination, and two other radios can be simultaneously dedicated to wireless client access and/or meshing.

Mesh networking - Patented mesh networking algorithms allow wireless extension of existing wired or wireless networks in remote or outdoor locations.

Enterprise Campus Deployments - Specifically designed to withstand wind, rain and extreme temperatures with a NEMA 4x housing to deliver enterprise-class wireless networking in harsh environments.

Mobility with Vehicle Mounted Modem - The AP 7161 enables any vehicle, train or bus to offer secure and reliable wireless broadband connectivity at high speeds as a Vehicle Mounted Modem (VMM).


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