DatalogicMemor – is a small and slim mobile computer with excellent ergonomics for single-handed use. It is provided with rugged construction to survive unintentional drops and exposure to water and dust. The pocket-sized mobile computer Memor is a real innovation on the market with an industrial standard OS, a mature and stable architecture, large memory on board, a user accessible SD card slot and an integrated WLAN or WPAN.



Environmental Temperature: 0 to 50C / 32 to 122F (operating); -20 to 70C / -4 to 158F (storage)

Decoding Capability: 1D/ Linear Codes; 2D codes; postal codes; stacked codes

Interface: RS-232, USB


Physical Characteristics:

Dimensions:  6.0 x 2.2 x 1.6

Weight: 230 g x 8.11 oz including standard battery


Data Sheet:

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